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Design Commission Workflow


Detailed Discussion

  • Only one version of the design will be provided. Please contact me if you need more than one version of the design or draft.

  • Please provide the references or the elements and styles that you would like to have on your design.



  • A fee will be estimated based on the information and budget provided by the client, and a formal quotation will be given afterward.

  • After both the client and the designer confirm the contract, the contract will need to be signed by both sides.



  • ​A basic contract will be provided first, and the formal contract specifications will be discussed with the client.

  • After both sides confirm the contract details, both sides will sign the contract. The client pays a deposit based on its contents.

  • If the commission fee is less than 6000 NTD, the message or the mail itself will be the contract and no written contract is required.


Pay the Deposit

Within the agreed period, 20% of the commission fee will be paid in advance as a deposit. The commission will start after the deposit is paid.


Start Designing

The design draft will be finished by the agreed deadline.


Complete the Design

Once the completed design is confirmed by the client, no further alterations or modifications will be made. If you wish to make any changes to the design after, an additional fee will be charged.


Pay the Balance

After the confirmation of the final design, the client needs to pay off the balance within the agreed period.


Send the Commission

  • After receiving the balance, the commission file will be uploaded to Google Drive.

  • he file format is specified by the client.

  • If it is not a commercial commission, the Photoshop (PS) or Illustrator (AI) file will not be given.


Post the Design

  • The commission will be posted on my own social platforms. The time of the scheduled post is decided by the designer and confirmed by the client.

  • ​For commissions that clients do not want to be posted, please contact me first, and an additional fee to transfer the copyright will be charged.


Payment Methods


About Payment

  • After the quotation, the client needs to pay 20% of the total amount of the commission fee as a deposit within 14 days, and the commission will be put on the schedule. (You can also choose to pay in full.)

  • The deposit is non-refundable regardless of the reasons for the cancellation of the commission (in other words, if you pay in full, only 80% of the amount is able to be refunded after the commission is put on the schedule.)

  • If the client is unable to pay within 14 days due to exceptional circumstances, please tell me when to pay.

  • If the commission is canceled in the middle of the production, The client will need to pay the fee in proportion to the current commission production progress. Any unpaid payment may result in being put on the blacklist.

  • The above terms and conditions are only applicable to personal commissions. Commissions made by companies are paid according to the contract.


About Alteration

  • There is no draft during the production, so it will be discussed thoroughly for me to understand the style the client would like.

  • Up to 3 minor revisions will be provided. Any more than 3 or major revisions will be charged an additional fee.

  • The above terms and conditions are applicable to personal commissions. Commissions made by companies are paid according to the contract.

  • Please try to provide feedback within 3 days of receiving progress messages. If you do not reply or are unreachable via social media for more than 14 days after the progress is sent, the designer will cease your commission temporarily, and rescheduling will be required (rescheduling can only be done once. If you do not reply or are unreachable again, the commission will be canceled, and your commission will not be rescheduled again.) (Note that the deposit is not refundable)



Q1. Can I change the original design after receiving it?

No. Only the color is allowed to be altered. If you would like to change the color, please consult me first.

Q2. Will my commission be posted on social platforms?

Usually yes. If you do not want them to be on social platforms, please pay an additional fee for the copyright.


Q3. Can I use my own commission on printed products?

You can use your non-commercial commission on printed products, but please inform me of the purpose (personal collection or gift, etc.) and the quantity in advance.

Any commercial activities (e.g., selling the goods) will be charged as the commercial commission.

Q4. I would like to commission a Youtube channel design (banner, logo, etc.) Is it considered a commercial commission?

If you have a monetized account, such as a Vtuber, a streamer, a company, etc., it is considered a commercial commission.

 Q5. I need to get the commission quickly; can I get it sooner?

Urgent commissions will be accepted only when I am available. Urgent commissions will cost 2 times more than regular commissions.

Q6.I noticed that almost all of the Typography works on the website have background designs. Will this be included in the commission?

The commissioned product only includes Typography, and does not include background design. If you need a background design, please let us know (additional fees apply).


  • 如委託安排在指定月份檔期,請在約定檔期前提供資料(立繪),如需延請檔期請在一週前告知。如超過兩次未主動告知延期檔期,需要反覆我方這邊詢問資料的狀況,影響我方工作時程安排不便,檔期將不做優先保留,會以我方這邊安排為主順延檔期

  • 如安排該月份檔期,截稿交件期限請參照該月份月底或是下個月份的月初(例如我方這邊安排委託方5月份檔期,截稿日則會算在5月底~6月初之間),如果有明確希望的交件期限請告知我方

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