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Poster & Main visual Design


Poster/event visual/leaflet design

  • Shop leaflets, event visuals, event poster design

  • The client will inform the deadline, urgent case price * 2.

  • Please include budget when inquiring.

Please include the following information when inquiring for quotation

  1. Case content

  2. Deadline

  3. Budget

  4. Purpose

  5. Style (reference material can be attached)

  6. Other additional information


 Payment method

  • For any private commissions, after discussing and confirming the detail, 20% of the commission fee will need to be paid first as a deposit before the commission is put on the schedule. The balance is required before the commission is sent (Clients can also choose to pay in full)

  • Commissions made by companies follow the payment process specified by the company. Please let me know in advance if you need an invoice or a remuneration for labor service form.


need one of these…

ㄅ_工作區域 1.png
  • An event organizer who has organized a small event and needs a visual design for the poster ~

  • A cute illustration lover who wants to have a cute visual design as the main visual of the event.

  • Someone who wants an eye-catching flyer!


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